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Transierra Technology
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Entgra Release 9
Entegra Release 9 is a complete upgrade of your existing Entegra avionics suite. This upgrade involves removing your old PFD & MFD and your old GPS/NAV/COMs and replacing them with an all-new, state of the art flight deck system. You’ll get high-res glass, dual ADAHRS for added redundancy, and dual FMS900w Flight Management Systems with QWERTY keyboard. 
With its fully-modular architecture, Entegra Release 9 represents the next generation of integrated flight deck systems for general aviation aircraft.
Avidyne MLX770
In addition to being an outstanding Weather system, the MLX770 also has a 2 Way Datalink, giving you two-way text messaging to any SMS capable mobile phone!
Avidyne IFD510
Avidyne has brought touch screen technology to "Plug n Play" replacement GPS/NAV/COM for the popular GPS500W.
The Avidyne Solution
AMX 240, IFD 540, and AXP 340 - the complete Radio Stack.  The IFD 540 has the latest 'touch-screen' technology!
Avidyne EX600
A Long time Leader in MFD Technology, Avidyne presents DATA from GPS and NAV - with Weather, TCAS, and more...