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Transierra Technology
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GARMIN G500/G600
The First Affordable Synthetic Vision display - Garmin leads the GA market.
S-Tec System 55X
Transierra Technology Presents:  Today's Technology in Aviation
The Finest Avionics, from the Best Manufacturers - to You.

We take great pride in our products - it's "what makes us go"

Quality installations worthy of pictures - will keep You going.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us.
S-Tec set a Standard in Autopilots with the System 55X.
Avidyne EX600
A Long time Leader in MFD Technology, Avidyne presents DATA from GPS and NAV - with Weather, TCAS, and more...
Honeywell Display Systems
Corporate and BBJ, Honeywell Display Systems Enhance your Situational Awareness.
We Represent: 

Century Flight
L3 Avionics Sys.
and many more...
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Aspen EFD1000 PFD
Want a small installation?

Want a Large

We do Both!

Bendix/King KFD 840
Fitting the area of the standard "6 pack" instrument group - the KFD 840 is a break-thru for Bendix/King in Pilot Flight Display technology.
Replace those old Gyros with this!
L-3 SkyWatch
For nearly 15 years, pilots have trusted SkyWatch® Collision Avoidance Systems to help them fly safely. SkyWatch was the first active collision avoidance system certified for General Aviation (GA).