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Transierra Technology
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EHSI 4000
The EHSI-4000 provides distance, bearing and course information in a 3-ATI size display, yielding a lightweight and compact layout.

GH 3900A
L-3 Avionics
​L-3 Avionics A.C.E.S. Customer Support Overview
(A.C.E.S = Action, Commitment, Excellence, Service)

The L-3 ACES Customer Support Team provides industry-leading service in technical support, new product sales, product repair, loaners/exchanges, spare parts and warranty support.
The Electronic Standby Instrument Systems (ESIS) are compact and requires minimal power during operation. 
The Trilogy ESI replaces traditional electro-mechanical standby instruments and combines the information into a compact and easy to read 4” x 3” display.
LandMark TAWS
​With four times the resolution of other Class B TAWS, both the LandMark 8000 and 8100 models provide an accurate lay of the land with crisper imaging, distinct runway and obstacle depictions, and enhanced alerting capabilities.
For nearly 15 years, pilots have trusted SkyWatch® Collision Avoidance Systems to help them fly safely. SkyWatch was the first active collision avoidance system certified for General Aviation (GA).
High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.